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Bike Logo“When the Dog Bites, When the Bee Stings…”

The biking architect went for a ride to celebrate a lovely spring day. Training miles on the agenda were 65.

First 40 miles were shared with two other riders.  This is good.

Then at 11 am those two riders went home and BA continued on into the country hinterlands.  Cell phone turned off and no pre-arranged ride plans anywhere. This is not so good.

(If you find yourself riding alone one should get to one of the bike trails.  Do it several times if it is not enough mileage for your training.  Our local bike trails are close to houses and follow an old railroad set of tracks.  There are likely to be more folks riding and walking nearby.)

11:30am there was a big St. Bernard Dog in the road and another dog nearby looked like a curly haired lab.    BA slowed down and cautiously went around dog in the road.  Dog took flight right towards thigh and made contact through 2 pair of biking pants and broke the skin.

dog bite

dog bite

A squirt gun with sudsy ammonia in it, or a loud horn would have been a good tool in the gear bag.  BA just road on!   As soon as free of the dogs, he should have stopped and called 911, made a note of the location, called for a ride to the hospital, and gone to the hospital.

Biking Architect is a tough dude, he did not even carry some tea tree oil neither antibiotic ointment, nor decongestant.   No, he proceeded on and finished his ride at 1:50pm back at home.

The dog owners are responsible for their dogs and the dogs should not be in the roadway; even if they reside far out into the countryside.  A report should be made to animal control about the dogs.

After a shower, food and a generous swabbing of antibiotic lotion, BA went to the bike shop to see about why there might be a small leak in his back tire.

So you now know what you truly should do when biking and are bit by a dog.

What is really scary about this is that BA is highly allergic to bee stings.

Hope his life insurance is up to date!

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Thu, March 26 2009 » On the Road

2 Responses

  1. Friar March 28 2009 @ 9:48 am

    Geez. Do you think you oughta go to the cops? (and follow up to check if the dog doesnt’ have rabies?). This is totally irresponsible, on the owner’s part.

    I was attacked by a dog this summer. A minor cut…I got treated in Emerg. But they reported it to animal control. The hospital had to do it, by law.

    They actually went to the house to check that the dog had all it’s shots. And the critter was quarantined.

    (I.e. It was “grounded” at it’s owners house, not allowed to go outside for a week..until Animal Control came back and made sure everything was checked out.

    If anything, giving this aggressive dog a “Time Out” was a good lesson for the owners. And now the dog’s on record, in case he does this again.

  2. Patricia March 30 2009 @ 2:03 pm

    I thank you for commenting here too, I have now reported the dogs and found they are on a long list of complaints. Now the dog has broken skin, it is even more dangerous, knock the biker over and go for the throat. The biking architect avoids conflict once again, he lets his wife deal with it and will not go to the doctor”s.. I try!

    Patricias last blog post..“When the Dog Bites, When the Bee Stings…”

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