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Design like You Give a Damn

By: PATRICIA Architecture for Humanity AIA, Redefining the Architect’s Role: Architects as Agents for Social Change: Speaker Spotlight – Cameron Sinclair. March 5-7, 2009, University of Miami, Coral Gables, FLA. The Titles just jumped right off the page and held on. I began researching and clicking from website to post to blog. This was my […]

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Tue, January 27 2009 » Inspiration » No Comments

The Dirty Truth

I have been working hard on research about taking on the Architecture2030 challenge at home.  The next products I am researching are washers and dryers.  This has provided me quite a bit of information and quite a challenge. I have a 20 year old large capacity, energy efficient pair right now.  They are working fine […]

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Thu, January 22 2009 » Products » No Comments

Discoveries: That funny little building in the picture

The header on this page has a series of photographs and the one for the Discoveries page is of a rather odd looking building with a steep green metal roof. A few questions have come my way about that building in the picture.  So I thought I would tell you about it. It is the […]

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Tue, January 20 2009 » Discoveries » 2 Comments

Some wonderful things I learned from Leonardo da Vinci

He wrote backwards, from left to right! He was left-handed and always started every page from the right side and wrote to the left. When viewed in a mirror it reads in correct Italian even with the correct angle to the letters. I am sure he did this to avoid smearing his ink so he […]

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Wed, January 14 2009 » Inspiration » No Comments

Wine Country Ride November 2008

During Thanksgiving I went to California to visit my daughter.  On the first full day of our visit we got out our bikes and helmets and went to the Napa Valley to explore Wine country.  We had a great ride, though we missed the Charles Shultz Snoop Museum! I took some pictures and then on […]

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Mon, January 12 2009 » On the Road » No Comments

12 things architects assume you are doing to cut energy usage at home

There are certain things that an architect assumes you know and are practicing when they begin working on a new building or home project. A Renovation usually costs less than new building these days and when people understand the conversions they can make themselves it can save even more money and resources. So check these […]

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Fri, January 9 2009 » Inspiration » 3 Comments