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Biking Success

My favorite biking architect was determined to once again to ride the Seattle to Portland (STP) tour July 11, 2009.   He had struck a deal that he would not ride it alone again, because that had been no fun and just plain exhausting.  Alas, no one was coming forward to participate this year. He has […]

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Thu, February 26 2009 » On the Road » 3 Comments

What Can We Do Right Now?

I have been reading around the Internet this week all the Architecture Blogs, all the Green Blogs, and all the Design Blogs that I can discover. I have been making lots of comments, but not getting “those” writers and bloggers to engage in a dialogue. My gut level feeling is that folks are too competitive […]

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Tue, February 24 2009 » Inspiration » No Comments

Gorgeous Passive Solar House

Wanted to give a quick nod today to a wonderful project featured on the blog Inhabitat. The Hof House is not only a great house and fantastic green design but the site is a fun and edutaining place as well! Enjoy… Enjoy this site? Subscribe and keep up with all the updates! Or support this […]

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Thu, February 19 2009 » Discoveries, Links » No Comments

Back to the 70s or The Green News This Week

All the discussion on the news programs this week have been about the Stimulus Plan and how to remedy the situations at hand as we wait for Congress to vet and install Cabinet folks and dilly dally around the approval of the money. My favorite discussion was about how Green Builders, Engineers and Scientists have […]

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Thu, February 12 2009 » Discoveries » No Comments

Choosing the Right Architect

What should you consider when choosing an architect? Choosing an architect is the most important decision you will make in the building process. It’s the first step towards turning your dream into reality. It’s important that your first step be the right one. That means hiring the right architect for the job. Considerations when choosing […]

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Tue, February 10 2009 » Inspiration » No Comments

Mastermind Group – A Salon

Architects Unite – I think we need to pull together a Green Salon. Salon: a fashionable or elegant assemblage of notables (literary figures, artists, or statesmen) held by custom at the home of a prominent person. A Green Salon of Green folks in our communities – City council members, urban planners, realtors, school children, and […]

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Thu, February 5 2009 » Inspiration » No Comments

Zero–Impact Homes

By: PATRICIA I have been drawn into the research phase of this post because I just can’t find enough information out about the Z homes. I was heartened by all that if being done around the globe at this very moment. This type of building is extraordinary and is by far one of the easiest […]

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Tue, February 3 2009 » Inspiration » 5 Comments