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Solar Tube Lighting and Exterior Skylight Sunscreens

Some of the new products we have been experimenting with and having good results are Solar Tube or Solar Pipe Lighting. These small bubbles of light can add natural lighting to many spaces in your home or building and reduce energy consumption. We are in the processing of using a row of tube lights down […]

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Tue, March 31 2009 » Products » 3 Comments

“When the Dog Bites, When the Bee Stings…”

The biking architect went for a ride to celebrate a lovely spring day. Training miles on the agenda were 65. First 40 miles were shared with two other riders.  This is good. Then at 11 am those two riders went home and BA continued on into the country hinterlands.  Cell phone turned off and no […]

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Thu, March 26 2009 » On the Road » 2 Comments

It is just best if you lighten up and laugh!

I have never met Deep Friar in person, he is a blogging friend. I can only tell you a few things about him which are: he lives in the snowy, eastern realms of Canada, he draws with creative talent, he travels with his wandering bear, and his comments on other blogs are very insightful. He […]

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Tue, March 24 2009 » Inspiration » 6 Comments

New, Exciting and Creative

A new magazine is putting out its first issue in May of 2009. Going to the home page of Conditions Magazine was a refreshing and delightful journey. The group was on my Facebook page and already has some 400 plus members or followers on Facebook. The magazine is being designed and written by Norwegian and […]

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Thu, March 19 2009 » Discoveries, Links, Products » No Comments

No Blarney here! – Turning up the Heat

By Patricia Part of my work on this blog involves reading lots of other blogs and newsletters. Today there is really a big hot issue being discussed either directly or indirectly on everything I am reading. Where are the codes and incentives? There seems to be two primary drivers of the discussion, and the overall […]

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Tue, March 17 2009 » Inspiration, Links » No Comments

Dream Bicycle

For four or five years I have had a dream of a fine carbon fiber road bicycle – I believe since I first heard of them and lifted one in a bicycle shop.  I have looked at many models and many prices in numerous cycle shops when I travel.  I particularly seemed to focus on […]

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Thu, March 12 2009 » On the Road » 1 Comment

Worth the Attempt?

Delighted to inform you that our experiment with drying racks and not using our gas fueled clothing dryer has netted us a $38.00 drop in our energy bill. This took considerable time to uncover as our energy company got a substantial rate increase approved in January and then also applied a rather substantial surcharge on […]

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Tue, March 10 2009 » Discoveries » No Comments

Some Breaking News

Ed Mazria of Architecture2030 put out a bulletin today that I thought was well worth reading so I wanted to pass it on to you and the website if you do not get the newsletter already. Mazia’s article is called: A Hog in a Tuxedo is Still a Hog: The NAIOP Disinformation Study The well […]

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Tue, March 3 2009 » Discoveries » No Comments

Forests in the Sky

At the end of last week the UK’s DailyMail paper published an article on a concept building designed to help keep the air clean in industrial areas. Here is a link to the full article: Forests in the sky could be built to clean air of pollution belched out by factories Do you think it […]

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Tue, March 3 2009 » Inspiration, Links » No Comments