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First Century Ride of the Season

I thought I would continue this weeks bicycle theme with a few more thoughts on my weekend ride: I flew to Spokane, Washington to do a ride in a new area of the State. My intention was to get another training ride in with my team mate to prepare for the Seattle to Portland Bike […]

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Thu, April 30 2009 » On the Road » 2 Comments

Bicycles On My Mind

This past weekend I did my first century (100 mile) training ride for this summer’s Seattle to Portland bike race. Initially, my intention was only to do about 80 miles but the day was fine and I had a good companion. All the necessities were there for a ride that brought me completely into the […]

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Tue, April 28 2009 » On the Road » No Comments


The following statistic was quoted in 2 different speeches I heard this past weekend and it made an impression on my mind; rather like the little tune that plays over and over again all day long. First World nations such as the United States currently eat up far more than their share. The Sierra Club […]

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Thu, April 23 2009 » Inspiration » No Comments

Winning Homes

This past week the Wall Street Journal put together a fantastic slideshow of the houses that were winners of the American Institute of Architects’ (AIA) residential design award. From echo-friendly to storm-strong these houses are wonderful examples of current architect inginuity. (And the story isn’t half bad either). Enjoy this site? Subscribe and keep up […]

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Tue, April 21 2009 » Inspiration » No Comments

Works in Progress: Pierce College

A little something from a current work in progress… Enjoy this site? Subscribe and keep up with all the updates! Or support this site by promoting us through your favorite network:

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Thu, April 16 2009 » Inspiration » No Comments

Bowen’s Foundation Building at Heritage Court

This past week I attended the ribbon cutting for a building I have been working on for many years. I thought I would post a few of the photos, past and present. Enjoy this site? Subscribe and keep up with all the updates! Or support this site by promoting us through your favorite network:

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Tue, April 14 2009 » Inspiration » No Comments

Edible Forest Garden

My neighbors are busy doing something new in their yard. A few days of sunshine got us all out and doing yard work. The first thing that they are doing is supporting a new local project called Terra Commons. Mission: Terra Commons is a non-profit network. We serve communities by researching, designing, and practicing habitat […]

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Thu, April 9 2009 » Discoveries, Inspiration, Links » No Comments

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Locally

Strengthen your local economy Reduce climate change impacts Support community groups Keep our community unique Create more good jobs Get better service Invest in your community Buy what you need. Don’t buy hype Put your taxes to good use Encourage local prosperity List I found at a local business, that I thought was concise and […]

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Tue, April 7 2009 » Reading » 4 Comments