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PV Solar Panels on Our House Update Report

I thought our research and information letter about getting PV Solar Panels on our house was very interesting and informative! I am going to post the results and readouts today and on Thursday so you can see what our measurements found. My next plan of action is to talk to the Credit Union and work […]

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Tue, June 30 2009 » Discoveries » 1 Comment

STP Gear

When one registers for the STP lots of gear comes to you…of my 10 years of biking, here are just some of the shirts and jackets I have received and worn.  The Jackets are made of paper.  I use the shirts for practice rides. Enjoy this site? Subscribe and keep up with all the updates! […]

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Thu, June 25 2009 » On the Road » 1 Comment

Gearing Up for the STP

On July 11th 2009 I will be riding the Seattle To Portland bike ride with about 8,000 other riders. The ride is about 204 miles long and is sponsored by a number of Biking Club including Cascade Biking Group in Seattle and Group Health. The one day riders start off at about 5:30 am from […]

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Tue, June 23 2009 » On the Road » 1 Comment

A Father’s Day Thank You Note for The Biking Architect

Dear Dad, I will be graduating tomorrow and I am so proud of myself.  There have been many times when I thought I would never get here, and I know I never would have, if it hadn’t been for you and your support.  I appreciate everything you have done for me not only financially but […]

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Thu, June 18 2009 » Inspiration » 2 Comments

Making Exterior Sunshades for Skylights

A passive solar idea other homeowners might find handy! We had a week of weather in the 90’sF and I knew I had to get my Sunshades completed for my house. I put in 2 west facing-opening skylights on my home to be vents to release the heat rising to the top of the house.  […]

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Tue, June 16 2009 » Discoveries » 2 Comments

Rain Gardens for Safe Habitats

Full sized PDF copy of the flyer. Enjoy this site? Subscribe and keep up with all the updates! Or support this site by promoting us through your favorite network:

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Fri, June 12 2009 » Discoveries » No Comments

The Stimulating View from My Window

By Patricia Every week I read 12 architectural, green, engineering, design blogs. I read at least 3 newsletters and articles from action groups, plus something about greening the economy. I comment on someone’s blog every week. Almost no one comments here. Readership is slow but consistent and growing. Lots of competition that I believe no […]

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Tue, June 9 2009 » Discoveries » No Comments

Solar Basics – The New Technology

Working here on the second half of the information from the Solar Workshop I went to and want to share. When it comes to the new technologies, well the designers have been busy. There are solar panels that look like shingles now being used in California. There are remote table- style panels that work away […]

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Thu, June 4 2009 » Discoveries » 2 Comments

Solar Energy: More than a Bright Idea

Northwest EcoBuilding Guild Seminar was May 21, 2009. I went to hear Kirk Haffner (MS Physics – UW 1996, Solar Enthusiast & Installer) from South Sound Solar speak about New Incentives and New Technologies. My partner has wanted and requested Solar Panels and Hot Water heater for years for her birthday and for Christmas and […]

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Tue, June 2 2009 » Discoveries » No Comments