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Need Education Units? – Study at SOURCES OF INSIGHT

My wife keeps emailing me posts from J.D. Meier’s blog site, it gives me a moment or two to tease, I have found a great deal of useful information and have pursued and followed through on a number of Meier’s suggestions and found them to be invaluable. I would like to make an introduction: At […]

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Thu, July 30 2009 » Discoveries » 2 Comments


Several years ago I found myself in Denmark to visit a daughter who was studying there and I discovered what has become one of my favorite spots. Just North of Copenhagen there is a wonderful ode to design and innovation: the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. It has been some time since I have been […]

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Tue, July 28 2009 » Inspiration » No Comments

5 Questions: Garner Miller

Welcome to another episode of 5 questions, this is a spot where we ask architects how they work on their projects to make their designs more sustainable, energy efficient, use their LEEDs skills, and take on the Architecture2030 challenge – along with creating beauty in their design. Garner Miller the newest partner at MSGS Architects […]

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Thu, July 23 2009 » 5 Questions » No Comments

Net-Zero Energy Homes

In the past decade or so environmental awareness has soared. The average person on the street is far more aware of what global warming is and its base causes. This has resulted in widespread community recycling programs, water conservation campaigns and a multitude of like efforts. However, for most folks, there still seems to remain […]

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Tue, July 21 2009 » Discoveries » No Comments

A Pictorial Story of the 2009 Seattle to Portland Bike Ride

Biking Architect – Tom took Friday July 10 off from work and hopped on his bicycle to ride to Seattle via Point Defiance Ferry , across Vashon Island, through West Seattle, downtown and out to the U district and his rest stop at the College Inn by Husky Field. What’s an extra 60 miles the […]

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Wed, July 15 2009 » Discoveries » 3 Comments

Building Art

It is all too easy to get caught up in the details of any design project and forget that the project is indeed a process of design. So today I thought I would showcase several buildings that remind me how much architecture truly is an art…   Enjoy this site? Subscribe and keep up with […]

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Tue, July 14 2009 » Inspiration » 1 Comment

First the celebration and then the work begins

I was very excited when I heard that the exhaustive efforts of Ed Mazria and the Architecture 2030 Challenge had succeeded in setting the standards for the new Energy Codes. I was delighted that my own State was the leading State in adopting these new codes also. Now I am working to make the codes […]

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Thu, July 9 2009 » Discoveries » No Comments

More PV Solar Research for Our House

I wanted to share all the charts and graphs that came in with our report and as I study and interpret them for what we are about to undertake. I was fascinated by the measuring device that was used and how it looked like a big compass and took pictures.  It measured the movement of […]

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