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Catching Up on My Reading

With the major garden projects mulched for Winter, I now find myself with a few minutes of reading time – especially on those heavy rain days. I was attracted to the new issue of ARCHITECT With the interesting and colorful graphics and the big words:  “WHO BELIEVES IN CLIMATE CHANGE?” 7% of the respondents said […]

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Thu, October 29 2009 » Discoveries » No Comments

Enphase – Enlighten Program or a Whole New Way to Enjoy Your Solar Panels

Part of our Solar Panels equipment is a program called Enphase.  One of the jobs of this program is to make sure our solar panels do shut down during a power outage and do not electrocute the workers attempting to restore power to the grid. Enlighten is a program which lets you connect your Enphase […]

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Never Build on Your Food Supply

“Never Build on Your Food Supply,” was the first statement in the keynote address for my initial attendance at a Regional Architectural conference thirty three years ago.  It was the opening to Dr. Scott’s remarks to the conference and he followed this by saying it was one of the most ancient sayings in China that […]

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