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As those of us who reside in Winter Climes are mending the harnesses and stoking the blaze, we can find a time to pause and reflect. It is a time to let our thoughts drift and flow.  It is a time to gather closer and to communicate with light and balance. For those of us […]

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Thu, December 24 2009 » Discoveries » No Comments

Thinking Out Loud

by Patricia I am sharing some of my thoughts about green design needs and about why the biking architect’s firm and other small firms are holding on by the finger tips…. and not getting the stimulus work… Just sharing what is on my mind… I just watched the movie”FOOD, Inc.” and highly recommend it. I […]

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Thu, December 17 2009 » Discoveries » 1 Comment


I started this discussion on my previous post – I just had to keep sharing these good words and the delight I find in them: “ You know you’re in Copenhagen when a mother in high heels and mini skirt, with a 5 year old on the back and two bags of groceries dangling from […]

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Thu, December 10 2009 » Discoveries, On the Road » 2 Comments


Right before my very eyes as I stood on the City Bus heading to the California Academy of Sciences at Golden Gate Park were the words – DREAMS ON WHEELS. “Danish cycling Culture for Urban Sustainability” November 19 through December 15, 2009 at the South Light Court of San Francisco City Hall. (Designed by Inger […]

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Thu, December 3 2009 » Discoveries » 4 Comments