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Albert Rooks

This year we had a healthy  number of folks come on by to see our solar powered home and we had some pretty exciting results to share with them  to encourage energy efficiency and solar worth whileness.

The Puget Sound Chapter of the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild sent a Docent to share and teach about what is going on in our country and county.

I would like to introduce you to Albert Rooks.

Albert works for West  Coast Associates Manufacturers and is building a website to develop some new avenues for his company    SMALL PLANET WORKSHOP

He has been traveling in Europe exploring the new Green and Sustainable products being manufactured in various countries to produce Green, Net-Zero, and Plus Energy efficient housing and structures.

The most discouraging thing he said during his teaching time was:
Because the USA disregarded and dismissed the Kyoto Agreement, we are at least 12 years behind in addressing the needs of climate change and revising our building standards and codes.

Some of the most encouraging things that he said:

Remodeling all these homes and buildings to become net-zero or plus will bring lots of work, jobs, product designs and development work to our communities.

This County has one of the best, even though UNDERGROUND, and strongest groups of eco-builders in the State.  The folks here have just gone ahead and worked at building the most energy efficient buildings and designed the new products on their own nickel and time.  We saw the need and learned as much as we could and went ahead doing the right thing.

Albert Rooks is off to Switzerland, where the codes are now regionally set so that only PLUS housing can be built, to purchase some of their great ceiling tiles they have developed.  We wish him well and thank him for a great day of information sharing at our home.

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Thu, October 7 2010 » Discoveries

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