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Exercising My Brain

I am working on exercising my brain and part of the rainy season is doing some reading.  I was reviewing mostly architectural articles and then my family persuaded me to read Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin The Day I finished the book Greg Mortenson was on Bill Moyer’s Journal […]

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Thu, January 28 2010 » Inspiration » No Comments

Discovering Maya Lin

~Patricia Over at Patricias Wisdom I was recently asking the question, “What Woman would you stay up all Night to have the opportunity to meet?”  and the Biking Architect popped up with Maya Lin and Zaha-Hadid. I just had to wander over and figure out who these fascinating woman might be, who would jump into […]

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Thu, January 21 2010 » Discoveries » No Comments

Move Your Money: Vote and Build Your Community

~by Patricia I heard about this Move Your Money Group on the news. It was first publicized by the Huffington Post. I did not think too much about it because our family decided to move our Money out of the “too big to fail” banks nearly 30 years ago and have felt good about supporting […]

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Thu, January 14 2010 » Discoveries » No Comments

A Shout Out to Bright Works

I have been working with these folks on the Rainer Building.  They are the LEED consultants and do very fine work. Thought this was an interesting blog you might want to peruse. Lots of good information sharing on the New Year’s Challenge for Brightworks for 2010. Related Posts: Learning More About Green Roofs Works in […]

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Thu, January 7 2010 » Inspiration » No Comments

Exploring the Methow Valley on Skis

For the past several years I have taken my family cross country skiing on Christmas Day. We take off after a hearty breakfast, drive to the mountains and ski all day. Exhausted and happy when we finally arrive home, we share our seasonal gifts and enjoy a feast of good food. This year I discovered, […]

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