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Keep The Ideas Coming

An old statement by one of my former partners has been hanging around in my mind for several weeks.  He thought, 30 years ago, and stated often that Sustainability was just a passing fad.  That is not something that I have found to be true. I am not alone; I was exploring Brightwork’s  new post […]

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Last night was our local chapter meeting of the AIA (American Institute of Architects). It was our annual meeting and we enjoyed a lovely evening with dinner at the Washington State History Museum. It was great to hear how the Grassroots Conference progressed in Washington DC and about how much attention was paid to our […]

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Thu, February 18 2010 » Discoveries » 1 Comment

How are we doing with our solar panels?

October 22,2009 We had our Enphase program on the computer and we were able to see how we were doing for our first month with the program. Here is what I wrote then: October 22,2009 Stats We have had a day with heavy, dark rain and some noon time sun breaks – so I chose […]

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Thu, February 11 2010 » Discoveries » No Comments

Documentaries which have shaped my thinking

I have watched several documentaries that have made me think and act in new ways. I am exercising my thinking, and squeezing in a bike ride when the sun comes out. I think they are important consideration in my architectural work and in attempting to act locally while thinking GREEN GLOBALLY. The first film is […]

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