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Bicycles of Bamboo from Brooklyn

I have completed six trips to the airport in the last few weeks.  With all the construction on the Interstate I never knew if it would take the usual hour or more and that was tough to judge.  I started loading up my car with CDs and lectures and trying different radio stations. One trip […]

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Thu, August 26 2010 » Discoveries » No Comments

Nature’s Gift of JOY

I came home from work early the other evening because my daughter and her friend were here for dinner. It was just so great to have company and such good hearty food from the garden to enjoy. The evening was lightening up my spirits and relaxing the tension from my shoulders. When sudden out the […]

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Thu, August 12 2010 » Discoveries » No Comments

Climate Change and My Thoughts

Climate change is on my mind these days.  Every time I go out to a building site or work on a renovation, I can see how the earth or the structure has weathered its environment.   When I watch the news or listen to what is going on with our City or Country Government, I can […]

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Thu, August 5 2010 » Discoveries » 2 Comments