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Earth Gratitude

Thanksgiving in the USA encourages one reflect on family, friends and sharing good food; gratitude for the bounty of the earth.  This year I am finding a favorite childhood hymn wandering through my brain and stirring the memories of harvest s of my life.   I thought I would pause today and share these words, written […]

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Thu, November 25 2010 » Discoveries » No Comments

Picking a Bone

By Patricia It is after the storm, and I have spent my entire morning cleaning storm drains.  Yesterday and for the proceeding three days, I have been out in the wind and rain cleaning these same storm drains, because they are boiling, full of mud and leaves, flooding the streets, and  dangerous. 5 huge fir […]

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Fri, November 19 2010 » Discoveries » No Comments

What Did We Learn?

The election is over and I am busy now reading analysis and figuring out what all of this will mean for my work endeavors and where I will put my efforts. My basic feeling is that fear won this election and lots and lots of money.  Make a scary commercial for TV and you were […]

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Thu, November 11 2010 » Discoveries » 1 Comment