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We decided to make this year a fun adventure, so we took an afternoon off work and went to the indoor Go Cart Track.   It was great fun and we highly recommend doing something different as a change of pace and an opportunity to lift the spirits and add to the conversation. Happy Holidays from […]

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Thu, December 16 2010 » Discoveries » No Comments

A Local Eye to the Future and All that Wrapping Paper

I have been attending the City Planning meetings and adding input to ideas and visions being set forth. I will be attending the second meeting about Downtown Futures and Planning not only because my office is downtown, but because I almost live downtown. I want a Green and Sustainable Future for my family and my […]

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Thu, December 9 2010 » Discoveries » 1 Comment

Productivity from the Inside Out

I want to give a bit of a shout out to my friend Chris Edgar’s work.  I want to share it with you because we all need some nudges along the way to keep our thinking, writing and designs fresh and refreshing.  This is a good work out. Sometimes going to work just feels like […]

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Thu, December 2 2010 » Discoveries » No Comments