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Introduction to a Great Site – a Bicycle Article

Cascade Bicycle Club’s new newsletter arrived and it had just a giant pannier load of spring information.  I have gotten in a couple of bike rides already this year as the weather warms up. What I found most interesting was the Streetfilm.org site  and I watched Stephanie’s Story in San Francisco right away. Then I […]

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Thu, March 24 2011 » Inspiration, On the Road » No Comments

What to Do With All This Water?

By Patricia Water is on my mind as it has been raining here for 30 days and 30 nights straight.  As I write we are having a sun respite, so although heavy at times we are getting some variation in the rate. The Images of the Tsunami in Japan and its devastation are still very […]

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Thu, March 17 2011 » Discoveries » 4 Comments

Whatever Happened to Earthships?

In Taos, New Mexico a group of folks built a community of Earthships Housing.  Most were designed by architect Michael Reynolds and reported on in Low Tech Magazine in 2007. “An Earthship is a completely self-sufficient house that has a natural temperature regulation, without the use of a heating system. The building also generates its […]

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Thu, March 10 2011 » Inspiration, Products, Reading » No Comments

Thoughts Turn to Spring

We had a couple of truly warm and cozy spring like weeks in a row.  The trees were budding, the crocus and snowbells emerged and several of our neighbors have had blooming daffodils in their yards. Thoughts turned to spring and all the wonderful things I could work on in my yard to prepare and […]

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Thu, March 3 2011 » Discoveries » No Comments