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Bicycle Commuting Month – MAY 2011

In 2010, our fair city declared May to be  Bicycle Commuting Month and encouraged all citizens in using their bikes, borrowing bikes, renting bikes (from the city) in an effort to make the air cleaner and get folks to and from their work and activities in a healthy style. Many of the offices compete for […]

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Thu, April 28 2011 » Discoveries » 3 Comments

The Procrastination Equation: How to stop putting things off and start getting things done ~Piers Steel, PhD.

By Patricia I feel honored to have been chosen to read this book and share it with you on my blog. No marketing group held this one up for me to read, this book offer came from the author himself and Harper Publishing sent me a copy to read at his request. It was a […]

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Thu, April 21 2011 » Inspiration » No Comments

Greening Up Your Closet

By Lisa Shoreland Sometimes delight just comes right into the inbox, and such is the case of my guest writer for today.Lisa Shoreland was born and raised in Hiroshima, Japan and is fluent in English and Japanese.  She came to the USA to attend St. Andrews Presbyterian College and studied creative writing, history, politics and […]

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Thu, April 14 2011 » Discoveries, Inspiration » No Comments

Unattended Children

I am going to share 3 interesting things I read about this week with you and then tie them together – you are in charge of putting the bow on top. Bumper Sticker Unattended Children will receive A cup of espresso And a free puppy. Vancouver, British Columbia’s Carbon Neutral Goal In the year 2050 […]

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Thu, April 7 2011 » Reading » No Comments