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Cascades and Siskiyou Mountain Pass Biking Tour 2011

I thought I would put an update of our most recent schedule for our bike trip this summer into fall.  We started with the trip plan for the spring, but now with all the heavy snow pack and flooding we are very happy to wait until all the passes are open and ready for riders. […]

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Thu, May 26 2011 » Discoveries » 2 Comments

Design with Life in Mind

I just looked at three street trees that have been topped until they look like high end tutu’s. Today is a sunny day and as the sun moves west the trees offer no shade to the front exposure of the duplex they were intended to cool in summer.  The renter was busy on a ladder […]

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Thu, May 19 2011 » Discoveries » 1 Comment

Could You Help Me Gear Up for 2011 Bike Tour?

Besides training with longer and longer bike rides each weekend, running the roads, and spinning at the gym, I need to study what gear I have for my 2011 biking adventure. Panniers: I started with Panniers. I have a 12 year old Bianchi Eros bike and I am not sure I can get panniers that […]

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Thu, May 12 2011 » Discoveries » No Comments

Net Zero 100 + years old House – We are getting closer and closer

With 60 days in a row of straight rain and we out did ourselves on energy production and carbon offsetting in our 100+ years old house. We have only used 2/3 of a tank of gas in our family car since our fill up in February.  We do not use our dryer – we use […]

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Thu, May 5 2011 » Discoveries » No Comments