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Enough Design for You – Enough Books for Me

Just some other thoughts about our solar panels: March 2011 was a very, very rainy month as has been since the start of 2011, but the stats for my solar panels was so telling  – with no snow cover during the month at all we still saved 322 pounds of carbon offset which is similar […]

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Thu, June 30 2011 » Discoveries » No Comments

Sailing Into Solstice

Bill Sloane took us on a sail boat ride out to Boston Harbor this past week so that I could show our part of Puget Sound – AKA The Salish Sea – to our Danish friends.  Although cloudy with almost no wind, it was one of the most relaxing days we have experienced out on […]

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Thu, June 23 2011 » Discoveries » 2 Comments

Falling Trees

Our neighborhood is busy with tree pruning and removal this year – partly because of so much rain and the problems this is causing for the trees. Our huge evergreen trees drink about 500 gallons of water a day, but will send roots into sewers and buckle the sidewalks getting enough space and fluids.   Our […]

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Thu, June 16 2011 » Discoveries » No Comments

How about a laugh?

I do not know about you, but life has been rather intense the past few weeks around here – I thought I could use a good laugh.  This one came into my inbox this week and it did indeed make me laugh – several times. Clever fellow and great comeback: A man boarded a plane […]

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Thu, June 9 2011 » Inspiration » No Comments

Getting results with just 6 words

I saw this wonderful blog post by Paul Coelho about writing a story in 6 words and in 30 minutes he had over 350 stories in his comments section all within 6 words and all very expressive. See the blog post here: http://paulocoelhoblog.com/2011/06/01/a-story-in-6-words-uma-historia-em-6-palavras/ I thought I would follow this fine example and write a Blog […]

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