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Composting Toilets

I have heard it said that 3 times something comes up in one’s life there should be some response or action taken.  Composting Toilets have been part of my life 3 times in the past week.  So I thought at the very minimum I would write about this threesome here. My first encounter was at […]

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Cycling Trip is 3 Weeks Away – Mental Prep

Our 5 week Mountain Passes trip from Canada to Mexico is just 3 weeks away ( August 15-September 25,2011).  My front panniers, which my children gave me for my birthday and Father’s day have arrived, along with another back pannier for my tent and sleeping gear and that made me happy.   It will be nice […]

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Energy Efficient Homework Worth Doing?

By Patricia Not only do I get constant remarks about the cost of adding solar panels to the house, or new construction, but most folks never mention the extra work involved in maintaining such a house.  No one ever seems to want to know how much money our solar panels are making besides all the […]

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First 100 Mile ride of 2011

On the last weekend in June of 2011 the Capital Bicycle Club  sponsored a Two County Double Metric Century Bike Ride.   About 350 riders participated and our biking group was among those along for the ride and the good spirits. CBC wrap up We wanted to test ourselves for our 2200 mile ride starting August […]

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