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Hiking in the Islands of the Pacific Northwest

By Patricia The biking tour fellows are having a great time and a good adventure.  When they arrived in Mazama, WA., the whole town was having a pizza feed and they were invited to join in and be a part of the gathering. It was a hot ride to Ellensburg and then a lovely canyon […]

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Thu, August 25 2011 » On the Road » No Comments

Just My Thoughts About Water

By Patricia This is what I have been thinking about while the Biking Architect is off cycling.  I have been thinking that the architectural providers need to look closer at water and the earthly relationship to water. I know that there is a worldwide shortage of clean drinking water.  I know that we use clean […]

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Thu, August 18 2011 » Discoveries » 1 Comment

Biking Tour: Over the TOP

Wow one of my biking tour teammates made us all T-Shirts to wear as we go over the  mountain passes and we are going to attempt to take at picture at each crossing along the way… FRONT Of SHIRT 2011 Sierra Cascades Tour 2191 Miles 20 Mt. Passes 49 Days 4 Old Fools BACK OF […]

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Thu, August 11 2011 » On the Road » 1 Comment

Codes and Regulations – Help or Hindrance?

After making 5 trips to the City Planning Department to get all the right paperwork and permits submitted for review and becoming concerned that each person on task wants something different, one can get discouraged and frustrated – even architects. Lots of DIY homeowners try to skip this process altogether – It is better if […]

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