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5 Treats

The fall sunshine has broken through the morning fog for the 4th day in a row and all the word on the street is saying that the rain is coming back by tomorrow.  This cold, crisp sunshine has just made me feel alive and full of good thoughts, and especially when I see the solar […]

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Thu, October 27 2011 » Inspiration » No Comments


Necessity is the mother of invention, but without education, integration and understanding people (of the general species) we are not able to comprehend or develop solutions. I had a conversation with an architect this morning who was designing a house for a family in a planned community.   He was scratching his head because they wanted […]

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Thu, October 20 2011 » Discoveries » No Comments

House Plans

House plans are some of the most important parts of living.  Not only from the idea of building a new house or structure, but also to incorporate changes and meet new needs in your existing structure. As we approach the holiday season, lots of my clients are contacting me for a new set of drawings, […]

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Thu, October 13 2011 » Discoveries » 1 Comment

Old Bike Blues

The 12 year old Bianchi bicycle is being taken apart in California to be shipped home.   It has done a great many miles and been a good part of my team.   It was my ‘party favor’ for my partner’s 50th birthday! I had an older Raleigh and I bought my wife a French Motobecane Touring […]

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