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Here we are at Thanksgiving time in the USA and the frenzy of wanting and Shiny Objects is all around us as though it is part of the air pressure and atmospheric reality. I am drawing back to thinking about President Roosevelt’s (FDR) moving speech about the 4 Freedoms during the Great Depression. FDR’s 4 […]

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Thu, November 24 2011 » Inspiration » 5 Comments

Hot Thoughts

The rain has returned to the Pacific Northwest and it is getting colder.  Not been able to do much riding because of catching up on all the tasks I missed while on the Sierra Cascades cycling tour.   I am also getting lots of good help in repairing my Bianchi Eros bike, which truly took a […]

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Thu, November 17 2011 » On the Road » No Comments

Going to the Source

I am feeling a bit discouraged about what to write today.   I have just heard that another Green, local and wonderful business is closing.   The perception was that this store was too expensive because local products and sustainable products are just too expensive at initial purchase. To me this just displays more ignorance and short […]

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Thu, November 10 2011 » Inspiration » 1 Comment

Walking the Green

I was standing at the very end of a very long line at the grocery store on a busy weekend morning with a cart absolutely full of necessary items.   I try to get all the winter staples taken care of on the October run, so that I will be fully prepared for the holidays and […]

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Thu, November 3 2011 » Inspiration » 1 Comment