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Welcome to our 5 Questions section, this is a spot where we will be asking architects how they are working on their projects and making their locations more sustainable, energy efficient, using their LEEDs skills, how they have taken on the Architecture2030 challenge, and are creating beauty in their design.

Bill Sloane, a partner at MSGS Architects in Olympia, Washington, has said “yes” to our request for answers to our 5 questions. Bill is an avid sailboat enthusiast, skier, and Father to 4 outstanding and awesome children. His daughter took her turn accompanying her Father on the Seattle To Portland Bike ride this summer.

Bill Sloan

Bill Sloane

Thank you Bill for sharing your thoughts and ideas and welcome to the Biking Architect:

And the 5 Questions are:

  1. Why did you choose Architecture to express yourself in your work? I discovered in College that I have good math skills, graphic skills and artistic skills. I discovered the School of Architecture building on the campus of my undergraduate college and loved what I saw in there. I was an Environmental Science undergraduate major and was very concerned about the use of energy, especially in the built environment. I applied to architecture school with the hope of being able to make the built environment more energy efficient.
  2. What was/is your favorite project and accomplishment? The smallest project I have ever worked on, with a 6’ x 6’ floor plan, is my most satisfying project. It is a brick clock tower in downtown Shelton Washington. The entire project was paid for through community donations of money, labor and time. It was extremely rewarding to see the energy such a community project brings forward.
  3. Have you taken the Architecture2030 Challenge and how are you working LEED into your designs and projects? I have not taken the Architecture2030 Challenge. All of the project I work on have sustainable design features in them, some more and some less. Projects that are not trying to achieve a LEED certification still have many sustainable features. Natural ventilation of buildings using thermodynamic principals is found throughout my work.
  4. How do you challenge a client to use green, sustainable, or alternative energy resources or incorporate green design when there is no code or financial incentives to comply? I talk about design from a sustainable viewpoint from the beginning of a job. I talk about the life cycle costs of each decision made in the design of a building. There is much acceptance of sustainable ideas in the current market place.
  5. What impact can Architecture have on our Global Environmental Future? New building represent less than one tenth of one percent of all the building in the world. Building great sustainable and green new buildings will not have a significant affect on the energy consumption of the built environment or the planet Earth until all existing buildings retrofit themselves with new sustainable systems and operational practices. Architects need to look to the existing built environment more than the newly built environment in order to achieve a significant and lasting impact on our environmental future.

We would enjoy reading your comments and making connections. Please let us know if you are an Architect who would like to be featured in 5 Questions. Thank you and let’s keep the conversation going.

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Tue, August 4 2009 » 5 Questions

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