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The fall sunshine has broken through the morning fog for the 4th day in a row and all the word on the street is saying that the rain is coming back by tomorrow.  This cold, crisp sunshine has just made me feel alive and full of good thoughts, and especially when I see the solar panels reader box clicking away the positive numbers right next to my desk.   Ah, a hot shower is next on the agenda after a brawny walk.  Life just feels good.

I have read some extraordinary words this month and listened to a great many campaign promises and seasonal fundraiser’s pitches about all the needs.  I have needed some sunshiny words to come my way to enlighten my path finding and proceeding.  Ask and it shall come your way, I thought my readers might enjoy a few of the gems and treats I discovered – so here are my top 5 discoveries for you.

Sandra Pawula writes on always well within and her words about rising water and the tribal people who have to pack up and move as their island homes disappear regularly just touched my thinking about what we can change to provide for the rising –tides in our life and work. Lessons from the movers.

I think we all gained a great deal from the work of Steve Jobs and I thought this was a good video and interview with the biographer who published the book about his life.

60 minutes interview with Steve Jobs biographer Part I. Part II is available on site also

Jungle of Life finance writer Paula Pant writes: A Change in the Economy: A Threat or an Opportunity? Maybe I just need to look from another angle?  How about you?

David Straker of Changingminds.org is the guest writer on Sources of Insight and I think his work sheds a positive light on how one helps to make change happen with his process Head, heart, and hands Such as how to get a client to be excited about solar panels or environmental energy efficient changes to his/her project or structure – Valuable resource on change with this read.

Life is All About Choices and inspiring story – it’s all about how one chooses to live life

As autumn makes its way into our lives as an agent of change, I am wondering how you are making change happen in your work and life.   Does it connect with your values, and does it inspire you to create new? Does it change your attitude and thinking?

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Thu, October 27 2011 » Inspiration

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