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Wrapping Paper

Wrapping Paper

I have been attending the City Planning meetings and adding input to ideas and visions being set forth. I will be attending the second meeting about Downtown Futures and Planning not only because my office is downtown, but because I almost live downtown. I want a Green and Sustainable Future for my family and my community.

I think visioning for the future and adding some architectural insights to the process gives me hope that my community will better understand the problems and the Architecture2030 solutions.

The Imagine Olympia meetings just are part of the right thing to do.

We as a family have been carrying our own shopping bags to the grocery store and mall for nearly 30 years. Do You have the HABIT?

What can you put in your recycling can? Are you sure?

I thought our zero waste program offered some great alternatives for this time of the year.

What to do with the Gift wrap dilemmas and find alternatives.

Another suggestion for Getting things all wrapped up.

How do you do your part to vision for your community? Did you know about the gift wrap problems and the toxic dyes? Did you know that the annual USA waste from Gift Wrap and shopping bag equals 4 million tons?

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Thu, December 9 2010 » Discoveries

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