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by Patricia

The voice said, “Do you remember a couple of years ago we were attempting to get the new automotive center building design at our Community College?” Yes, I remembered that well and all the efforts that went into trying to secure that work. The job passed them by which turned out to be an okay proposition…

Memorial Day here in the US the Architect went running by the campus and there, on a holiday, were the bulldozers hard at work pushing down about 100 Evergreen trees into a big pile. The trees had been there for a long time, created a buffer to the hillside and houses beyond and of course consumed 500 gallons of water per day; a good thirsty thing to have downhill in such a rainy climate.

“I nearly cried it made me so sad” the architect continued remembering what he had seen. We put so much effort into getting that project as we wanted to make a statement in our community and the project could be so energy-efficient and zero impact – it could have been a “star” in the climate of today. It is now going to be a beacon to how environmentally unsound a building can be and monument to some administrator’s foolishness and inability to listen, learn, adapt, or think.

So now the hillside is barren and deeply scarred. A bit further down the parkway is a perfect location for an automotive center, flat and rocky and plenty of exposure for solar panels and efficiency. But no, that campus plot will be used for something else or a parking lot.

Not in our lifetime will those trees return.

It reminds us of one day we turned the corner to go out to nursery school on the Point, a couple of hours later on our way home the entire corner had been cleared of stunning evergreen trees to make room for 3 strip malls, a restaurant, 3 fast food places, and the small mall on top of the hill and promenade. It was startling to behold the destruction. Our 4 year old began to sob and cry in witness to the chaos, mess and the loss of her beloved trees.

25 years later the run off of water from that corner has forced the city to develop a park which is a “run off” Lake in the rains and 4 baseball diamonds, parking lots, and picnic areas in the sunshine.

One can always be happy they did not a get a job when people are so difficult to work with, and our firm did get the job that is putting in the massive Green Roof found on this blog. With a bit of foresight and listening an asset could still be standing this afternoon, we would have had some ‘air cleaners’ for an automotive center and an exciting learning opportunity has been missed in our community.

Profoundly saddened by this action and will be for years to come.

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Thu, May 28 2009 » Inspiration

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