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Part of the London Festival of Architecture is the Architect’s Enigma Competition.  Which is centered on a book –a story.   This competition is the last entry on the poster.



If I registered for this competition, I might win the prize which would be enough to repair my Dream Bicycle?

My Family has ordered me the book, which is exciting in the first place and I think this will be a good riddle to work on.

My book will be here before June 9th…

Here is what the site specifies, does it look interesting to you?

The Architect’s Enigma competition, to be launched at the London Festival of Architecture (LFA) on 19th June will reward the first person who can solve a graphic riddle with £1,000 cash prize.

Entrants must simply purchase a copy of The Architect, by Charles Bancroft and register free of charge online at worldarchitecturenews.com. The international competition is open to everyone.

The launch at the LFA will reveal the first clue, an “odd looking shape” which has been generated from the storyline of the book. The publishers expect that initially it will be almost impossible to crack and every week new clues will be released until it is solved.

Charles Bancroft says he is; “very excited about the challenge as a new level of interaction between readers and a story, they will have to really engage with the plot and the characters to discover the link.”

Phil Sills of Raptor Press in Boston said, “This competition promises to be a lot of fun and embodies the spirit of Charles Bancroft’s thriller, The Architect; colourful, fast paced and a celebration of London. It also brings to life the enigma of the book’s central character, London based architect, Rob Gilbert in graphic form.”

Since its release in October 2009, the gripping thriller has established a growing following and has received consistently strong reviews. It has also smashed sales records at London based World Architecture News selling more than any other book in its 7,000 + online titles.

Reviewers have praised the work for its “cinematic style” and “thrilling and cleverly interwoven” plot and Bancroft is currently working on a sequel, “Masterplan”, which is due out this autumn together with an audio book version of The Architect.

The competition will be open for registration on Friday 21st May 2010 and participants are urged to get hold of their copy now and register early in anticipation of the first clue. Full details of the competition will be available on worldarchitecturenews.com and lfa2010.org

The London Festival of Architecture runs from June 19 – July 4. Further details can be found at www.lfa2010.org

Let me know if you are going to enter.

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