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Pie Chart

Pie Chart

I am having a whale sized week of events and work.   I just needed to organize my thinking and I came across this TED lecture that I found fascinating and very useful.

David McCandless on The Beauty of Data Visualization.

A journalist and writer begins looking at patterns and is becoming a designer of Information patterns,

Compressing information into visual patterns; visual patterns being the language of the eye.

“Design is about Solving Problems”

Color makes a difference to our understanding, it interprets for our eye and intake filters.

One can take the glut of information amassed and piece it together to get the real information and the real data that is relevant to understanding and learning.

McCandless’ graphs and charts already completed are truly vital to understanding what our designs are teaching, sharing, and saying as we remodel and create new structures in our environments.

Hope you will enjoy this video.

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Thu, September 2 2010 » Discoveries

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