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By Patricia

The Biking Architect and the Biker Boys left today for an 18 day biking tour around the Cascades.  This ride is truly over the river, to the ocean, through the desert, mountain passes, across islands, through orchards and past wineries – all around the Cascade Mountains in the State of Washington.

There is no support vehicle attending the group of 5 fellows; they are carrying food, tents, sleeping bags, and stoves along with personal items on their bikes.



The good news is that backup systems are along the route, stores, and the furthest they will be away is about a 5 hour car trip to assist.  They are sharing some supplies and they are all excited about this adventure.

Wives took pictures – One grandson, at 4, was sure he was ready to go along!

They all have cameras along and I am sure they will post as they go and surely when they return.

Riders:  John, Tom, Paul from Washington (2 recumbent bikes and Washington Shirt) and Californians Bill and Glenn



More good news – It is not raining today and should get to 75*F.  No rain predicted until next Tuesday, if then and the group should be off to the drier side of the Mountains and over the Columbia River by then!

Have a great Ride!

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Fri, September 11 2009 » Discoveries

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