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All the discussion on the news programs this week have been about the Stimulus Plan and how to remedy the situations at hand as we wait for Congress to vet and install Cabinet folks and dilly dally around the approval of the money.

My favorite discussion was about how Green Builders, Engineers and Scientists have just about run out of HOLD ON time to get their business up and out saving the Economy and the Environment but they have all run out of lines of credit and investors to keep them in the holding pattern long enough for the stimulus package to take effect.

This is just so 70s retro!

This is the same place they were in during the 70s and no money ever came.   The juggling and time consuming, filibustering and name calling, extended so long it gave the lobbyists time to move in and impede the Green Industry Money from being appropriated.

It is so Reagan economics blocking relief and progress at any cost to the citizens.

The excitement of the conversation is how so many Green Industry people are working on collaboration and circumventing the Same Old, Same Old folks this time around.  They are looking for new investors and small citizen group promotion.  They are asking citizens one by one to make their voice heard.  They are appealing to teachers and children and every individual who has compassion for the earth and its future….

I have a great deal of hope that this time we will overcome the rhetoric and find new and creative ways to leave the Same Old, Same Olds back in the 70s alone.

How do you see folks getting around these road blocks?

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Thu, February 12 2009 » Discoveries

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