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I have completed six trips to the airport in the last few weeks.  With all the construction on the Interstate I never knew if it would take the usual hour or more and that was tough to judge.  I started loading up my car with CDs and lectures and trying different radio stations.

One trip took 3 hours to get back home!

One midnight run I tuned into a rerun of LIVING ON EARTH on NPR radio.  I heard 4 fascinating stories and one about  the  Bamboo Bicycle Studio I just wanted to share with you.

They have a blog.

San Francisco Studio of Bamboo Bikes

Two fellows in Brooklyn, New York started a bicycle company to design and build a cheaper, better bicycle for the folks of Ghana.  One that would be affordable to everyone and one that could manage the bumpy terrain.

They figured out how to make a very great bicycle out of bamboo.  It is about half the cost of a metal or steel made bicycle from China and of course bamboo is nearly in everyone’s back yard.

They offered workshops in Brooklyn and recently added a workshop in San Francisco and anyone can sign up and build their own bicycle.  Since the first airing of the story they now have a factory in Ghana and folks there are building their own bikes.

The bike is very light weight and sturdy.

I liked that this group survived and are still flourishing.  The whole concept made me feel good, and I liked how this became a Global endeavor.

I am sure there must be some drawbacks, but mostly after checking them out on line – it feels very win-win.

What do you think?  Could you design an environmental friendly bike?  Would you ride it?  Would love to know your thoughts about this project.  Have you heard about this before?

Thank you for coming by and reading. You are appreciated.

My Dream Bike is still in shop for repair at least I have another to  ride!

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Thu, August 26 2010 » Discoveries

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