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This is not a definitive article about biking in the UK nor does it include routes and stopovers for the adventurer and explorers at heart.

This is about showing off the pictures my wife and daughter brought back from the UK on their recent adventure to let me know that they were thinking about me while away.  It is hopefully here to inspire me to want to ride my bike all over the UK myself, when my turn rolls around.

I heard lots of stories about the fully geared and helmet wearing commuters in London, who whizzed past at high speed and darted around the traffic of cars, Lorries, and buses in very tiny bike lanes.  I heard more about all the folks who were just riding their bikes in street clothing and NOT wearing helmets at all in London.   But alas no photographs were attempted of this group.

They did see some what appeared to be Italian fellows with complete gear – biking in Scotland.



They did take more pictures of recycled bikes being used for park art and announcement posts – These in full bloom.



It was so nice that they thought of me and thought about bike riding the UK in the future.  Thought I would share while I am packing for my 18 day tour beginning on the 10th of September 2009.



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Wed, September 9 2009 » On the Road

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