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My favorite biking architect was determined to once again to ride the Seattle to Portland (STP) tour July 11, 2009.   He had struck a deal that he would not ride it alone again, because that had been no fun and just plain exhausting.  Alas, no one was coming forward to participate this year.

He has done the ride single bike with a friend and on his tandem with his daughters.  But this year I am taking the only eligible daughter to Scotland a week after the tour and she did not have enough vacation time to train and participate.

What is a biker to do?   Now there are 8,000 other riders some who leave the University of Washington Campus at 5am and ride the whole 204 miles to Portland in one day.  Then there are the fun riders who go with family members and lots of friends and do 100 miles each of the two days.  At the end of the ride are lots of food booths and bikes and shoes and clothing and a fair like atmosphere that is very fun. (IF you arrive before 9pm)

There are water and food stops all along the ride and Group Health has rest and healing tents along the route.

Hip Hurrah our favorite biking architect found someone willing to train and go for the ride.  This past weekend we got the gear – you know the right pedals, and shoes, clips, gloves, socks, and padded shorts.  The young man and biking architect worked on their training schedule and a Friday night motel room was arranged.   Young fellow did not have helmet – one more item.

Then the bikes were adjusted and primed and the team ventured forth for a test run….

So here are some pictures of my favorite biking enthusiasts:

Now with all of that said and done, I thought I would share the bikers the folks at TREEHUGGER.COM like to watch

So here are the biking folks they keep their eye on… TreeHugger

Did you enjoy that?  Hope so…

What are your plans for the road ahead?  Let’s talk…

Tom and Brad with Helmets

Tom and Brad with Helmets

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Thu, February 26 2009 » On the Road

3 Responses

  1. Brad February 26 2009 @ 4:24 pm

    With much regret I haven’t been able to jump on the bike because of the weather here in Cheney. Today the sun was out after a night of snow and so I got to take it out for the first time. I really enjoyed it thanks again.


  2. Tom February 26 2009 @ 9:12 pm

    The weather will probably often be your foe for the next month or more. Just do what you can and when you can and be flexible. Enjoy the moments you get. It’s also not very safe to ride when it’s snowy or below freezing anyway, so give yourself some time; better weather will come!

    Toms last blog post..Biking Success

  3. Cadillac Eldorado September 9 2011 @ 10:32 am

    Great post. Amazing ideas. I have bookmarked you.

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