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Bike tour shirt  front

Bike tour shirt front

Wow one of my biking tour teammates made us all T-Shirts to wear as we go over the  mountain passes and we are going to attempt to take at picture at each crossing along the way…

2011 Sierra Cascades Tour
2191 Miles
20 Mt. Passes
49 Days
4 Old Fools
August 2011
Bend, OR.
Burlington, WA  45 feet
Rainy Pass  4,855 ft
Mt. Rainier NP
Columbia River Gorge  600 ft.
Crater Lake  7,100 ft
Lake Tahoe
Tioga Pass    9,945  ft
Sequoia Nat. Park
Santa Barbara
Carpinteria, CA  15 ft.
October 2011

Bike tour shirt  back

Bike tour shirt back

I want to extend a hearty Thank You to Paul who designed and presented us with these nifty shirts.

I also want to say that getting everything into 4 panniers is quite a feat!  And takes some organizational prowess.    Now we need to add Bear Boxes to the trip also – who is going to squeeze those into the packs?

Ride safely and have fun along the way!

I’ll keep you posted on our endeavors…Happy Trails to you all

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Thu, August 11 2011 » On the Road

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