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By Patricia

London Skyline

London Skyline

Since my Architect was so interested in the London Festival of Architecture and we have been highlighting this summer’s events here on BA, I decided I should read the book for the Architects Enigma Contest.

The book arrived too late for participation in the contest and we do not know London well enough to answer the clues, but it made following the events much more interesting and fun.

Summer fun is a good thing.

The book is billed as a “fast-paced thriller taking the reader on a page-turning ride along the line between London’s colourful high life and its dark, sinister underworld.”

The main character architect Rob Gilbert is of course a wealthy designer doing international projects and we all know that architects are quite a wealthy lot!!!????  My architect is 1/3 of the way through the book now and he says Mr. Gilbert is a JERK, and the story is interesting.

I am sure Gilbert smokes at least 2 cigarettes and has at least 2 alcoholic beverages per chapter.  He does his best work under the influence.

Yes it is a fast paced page turner, because the chapters are so short and move the time frames along dramatically.   The author does not waste a great many words on feelings or interpretations and the Gilbert fellow is really caught up in himself.

The women in the story are definitely a male fantasy expectation.  It’s a good thing that Gilbert’s daughter is so smart.

It is a fun read and fast.   Good for the beach or an afternoon on the deck.  It was fun to look up the REAL buildings that were referred to and see what they look like on the NET.

We all know of course that all architects are wealthy!!!

The Master Plan – another architect story by Bancroft is coming soon.

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Thu, July 8 2010 » Reading

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