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With the major garden projects mulched for Winter, I now find myself with a few minutes of reading time – especially on those heavy rain days.

I was attracted to the new issue of ARCHITECT

With the interesting and colorful graphics and the big words:  “WHO BELIEVES IN CLIMATE CHANGE?”

7% of the respondents said “I’m not sure that building green in the US will help the environment when China and India are becoming industrialized so rapidly”

13% responded, “Global warming is a myth perpetuated by the Media, and green building is a fad- it’ll be forgotten in 20 years time.”

34% responded, “I’m not sure that global warming is caused by man, but energy conservation makes economic sense if we’ll be less dependent on the other countries’ oil”

46% responded, “It’s vital that we design and build sustainably, in order to conserve scarce resources and prevent further global warming.”

And that was just the cover! – the whole article is very interesting with substantially more survey information , questions and responses.

Now the magazine really had my attention with an article about  the Traverwood Branch Library in Ann Arbor, Michigan – I must tell my daughter who is studying to be a Librarian in Ann Arbor about it, she will love the story.   There were dozens of dead, infected ash trees on the site, and so the architect used the trees with the help of John Yarema, a local artisan woodworker to dry the trees and use them for the interior flooring and wall panels.  The distressed wood keeps the story being told and makes for an interesting texture to the building.   The Community needed every penny they could muster so did not pay for LEED certification.  Pictures and more of the story.

I just had to continue on as the next building highlighted is a local project that I have been hearing lots of good things about – a hockey and performance center in Kent  – you can see the pictures.

My reading took me to research several of the most pertinent ads to my work right now.

I think you will greatly enjoy checking out the links and discovering the survey and some more interesting facts – especially about dealing with opposition.

Look forward to your comments

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Thu, October 29 2009 » Discoveries

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