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Solar Energy Amazing Developments and Wind powered Trains

Just check these articles out and see if you are amazed. I know that we have been discussing in our community the many oil trains and Rail Cars which go through our downtown and the increased traffic.   We also witness all the explosions and fire bombs happening in even larger numbers each year.  We know […]

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Wed, May 28 2014 » Discoveries, Inspiration » 1 Comment

TINY HOUSES Bring Lots of Attention To Our Efforts and Rededication of the Washington Center for The Performing Arts

What an exciting week to have MSGS’s work shared so far and wide.  Quixote Village is now complete and residents have moved into their TINY HOUSES and are quite happy with their new circumstances. We worked with the Methodist Church and all the folks who have been housing Camp Quixote for years and years.   The […]

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Wed, March 5 2014 » Inspiration » No Comments


Here is the jealous part: I have been researching solar farms and their functioning and the complaints and I wandered into an amazing collage of images about the German Solar Farms and the satisfaction the Germans are enjoying.  There was even a write up about a whole city which pays no power bills because all […]

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Thu, February 6 2014 » Inspiration » No Comments


November 8th  2013 we put on our best bib and tuck and went out to an open house  celebrating Olympia Federal Savings west side branch remodel.  It is not the first building we have worked with this amazing local bank, which continues to go GREENER AND GREENER and light up our community. The bank has […]

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Tue, November 12 2013 » Discoveries, Inspiration, Products » No Comments

Keith Smith’s Facebook Wisdom

There are moments in my life which are dull and grey or I feel envious of an others’ work or success, I believe everyone has these moments and they can rapidly fill up the pages of our thoughts and control our thinking.  I do not wish to get stuck in these moments or walk them […]

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Wed, September 25 2013 » Discoveries, Inspiration » No Comments

National Geographic Lecture Creates Awareness

Recently we attended a photo lecture called National Geographic LIVE!   Jodi Cobb was sharing her photographs from her tenure on staff at the magazine – the only women photographer for many years. Her work is stunning.  Her lecture was about getting us to be aware of what was really there in her journey and in […]

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Thu, April 4 2013 » Inspiration » No Comments

New Blog Discovery – Thank you Carolyn and Ben

I like to keep discovering things and people and one of the office peeps shared with me this very witty blog by Bob Borson who resides in Texas and writes a blog called Life of An Architect I passed along the following blog post because my partner said it is all true what he says […]

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Thu, November 1 2012 » Inspiration » No Comments

Taking on THE Challenge

This summer I was privileged to attend two very interesting presentations which activated my excitement about the LIVING BUILDING CHALLENGE 2.0  The first presentation was in Tacoma, Washington in July 2012 at the Cascadia Green Building Council and AIA joint event : THE SCIENCE OF DESIGN – BIOMIMICRY AND BIOPHILIC DESIGN. We met at the […]

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Sat, September 1 2012 » Discoveries, Inspiration » 2 Comments

AIA 2012 Gold Medal Winner Plus 2

Steven Holl, FAIA, is the AIA (American Institute of Architects) Gold Medal winner for 2012.  I truly appreciated seeing this video of his work and hearing what other folks said about his work.  I do not think many people will discover this video and I hope by giving it a shout out it will inspire […]

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Fri, June 1 2012 » Inspiration » No Comments

Where Have all The Design Leaders Gone?

We were traveling through the mountain pass on our way home from a conference and as we summit-ed our radio reception returned.   “ALL THINGS CONSIDERED” on NPR the Sunday evening edition was in progress. We did not hear who the guest was being interviewed and I could not find the program on line several days […]

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Wed, May 9 2012 » Inspiration » No Comments