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Water at Home

Water is nearly everywhere around our home, from the credible beauty of the Mountain Glaciers to the tides of the Salish Sea we are surrounded by water. The idea that most people do not like about this region is that there is lots of rain – more water. Folks even get upset with the huge […]

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Thu, September 22 2011 » Links » No Comments

Energy Efficient Homework Worth Doing?

By Patricia Not only do I get constant remarks about the cost of adding solar panels to the house, or new construction, but most folks never mention the extra work involved in maintaining such a house.  No one ever seems to want to know how much money our solar panels are making besides all the […]

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Thu, July 14 2011 » Inspiration, Links » No Comments

My Favorite Things…

This one is just for fun… Designer Chiyu Chen has created a design involvolving two of my favorite things: renewable energy and bicycles. The Energy Generating Rental Bike System was showcased a while ago over at Inhabitat. I hope you will take a moment to check it out. Enjoy this site? Subscribe and keep up […]

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Sun, August 2 2009 » Inspiration, Links, On the Road » 1 Comment

Learning More About Green Roofs

I was so taken in by my one on one discussion about Green Roofs; I just wanted to learn more, so this is a list of my wanderings about to learn more. An Introduction to Green Roofs with lots of pictures Write up about designing Green Roofs from Massachusetts architeck.com Structural Design of a green […]

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Thu, May 21 2009 » Links » 2 Comments

A Bag of Newsletter Articles that I Found Interesting

The Energy Collective is having a lot of discussion about a recent conference and what the US Government is going to do and put incentive money into and the comments are as interesting as the articles and experts about Nuclear Energy and Renewable Energy Sources and possible mistakes being made: Its time to rethink Nukes […]

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Wed, May 6 2009 » Links » No Comments


I wanted to give a shout out to the award winners of the American Institute of Architects Seattle “What Makes It Green Awards” as posted in the Daily Journal April 30, 2009 by Katie Zemtseff. The Barn Reserve in Leavenworth, WA designed by Bassetti Architects The Brightwater Environmental Education Center in Woodinville, WA designed by […]

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Tue, May 5 2009 » Links » 1 Comment

Edible Forest Garden

My neighbors are busy doing something new in their yard. A few days of sunshine got us all out and doing yard work. The first thing that they are doing is supporting a new local project called Terra Commons. Mission: Terra Commons is a non-profit network. We serve communities by researching, designing, and practicing habitat […]

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Thu, April 9 2009 » Discoveries, Inspiration, Links » No Comments

New, Exciting and Creative

A new magazine is putting out its first issue in May of 2009. Going to the home page of Conditions Magazine was a refreshing and delightful journey. The group was on my Facebook page and already has some 400 plus members or followers on Facebook. The magazine is being designed and written by Norwegian and […]

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Thu, March 19 2009 » Discoveries, Links, Products » No Comments

No Blarney here! – Turning up the Heat

By Patricia Part of my work on this blog involves reading lots of other blogs and newsletters. Today there is really a big hot issue being discussed either directly or indirectly on everything I am reading. Where are the codes and incentives? There seems to be two primary drivers of the discussion, and the overall […]

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Tue, March 17 2009 » Inspiration, Links » No Comments

Forests in the Sky

At the end of last week the UK’s DailyMail paper published an article on a concept building designed to help keep the air clean in industrial areas. Here is a link to the full article: Forests in the sky could be built to clean air of pollution belched out by factories Do you think it […]

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Tue, March 3 2009 » Inspiration, Links » No Comments