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November 8th  2013 we put on our best bib and tuck and went out to an open house  celebrating Olympia Federal Savings west side branch remodel.  It is not the first building we have worked with this amazing local bank, which continues to go GREENER AND GREENER and light up our community. The bank has […]

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Tue, November 12 2013 » Discoveries, Inspiration, Products » No Comments

Composting Toilets

I have heard it said that 3 times something comes up in one’s life there should be some response or action taken.  Composting Toilets have been part of my life 3 times in the past week.  So I thought at the very minimum I would write about this threesome here. My first encounter was at […]

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Thu, July 28 2011 » Discoveries, Products » No Comments

Whatever Happened to Earthships?

In Taos, New Mexico a group of folks built a community of Earthships Housing.  Most were designed by architect Michael Reynolds and reported on in Low Tech Magazine in 2007. “An Earthship is a completely self-sufficient house that has a natural temperature regulation, without the use of a heating system. The building also generates its […]

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Thu, March 10 2011 » Inspiration, Products, Reading » No Comments

Solar Tube Lighting and Exterior Skylight Sunscreens

Some of the new products we have been experimenting with and having good results are Solar Tube or Solar Pipe Lighting. These small bubbles of light can add natural lighting to many spaces in your home or building and reduce energy consumption. We are in the processing of using a row of tube lights down […]

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Tue, March 31 2009 » Products » 3 Comments

New, Exciting and Creative

A new magazine is putting out its first issue in May of 2009. Going to the home page of Conditions Magazine was a refreshing and delightful journey. The group was on my Facebook page and already has some 400 plus members or followers on Facebook. The magazine is being designed and written by Norwegian and […]

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Thu, March 19 2009 » Discoveries, Links, Products » No Comments

The Dirty Truth

I have been working hard on research about taking on the Architecture2030 challenge at home.  The next products I am researching are washers and dryers.  This has provided me quite a bit of information and quite a challenge. I have a 20 year old large capacity, energy efficient pair right now.  They are working fine […]

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Thu, January 22 2009 » Products » No Comments