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MILLENNIAL CITY: How a New Generation Can Save the Future ~Dennis Walsh and Glen Hiemstra A BOOK REVIEW

“’The future is not what it used to be.’  Laura Riding and Robert Graves first wrote these words in 1937, but they could have been writing about today.  Here in the second decade of the 21st Century their statement seems prophetic.  The world is not like we expected when we looked ahead to this century, […]

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EXTINCTIONS and SECRETS: What an interesting SPRING!

“At the same time, some of Cuvier’s most wild-sounding claims have turned out to be surprisingly accurate.  Life on earth has been disturbed by ‘terrible events,’ and ‘organisms without number’ have been their victims.  Such events cannot be explained by the forces, or ‘agents,’ at work in the present.  Nature does, on occasion, ‘change course,’ […]

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Women Know What They Want

Raising Elijah-Protecting our Children in an Age of Environmental Crisis The other day I was watching a movie and had arrived at the part where the female and male leads are having a heart to heart conversation about their failed communications during the previous 50 minutes of the reel and the young man says, “What […]

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We Are All Related – a Valentine’s Card

“Humans are social creatures and it is embedded in their brain the function of socialization. It is a natural thing for them to start a conversation at the register in a grocery store, in a bus stop, or any other place where two people remain close to each other for a minimum amount of time. […]

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The Devil In The White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair That Changed America ~By Erik Larson

In the 1890s Chicago created a Fair that would dramatically highlight the city and demonstrate where the United States was AT in the world of Industry and Architecture.  This is a very detailed and suspenseful book which one knows is non-fiction and yet reads like a page turner novel.  It is quite interesting. The Architects […]

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Unattended Children

I am going to share 3 interesting things I read about this week with you and then tie them together – you are in charge of putting the bow on top. Bumper Sticker Unattended Children will receive A cup of espresso And a free puppy. Vancouver, British Columbia’s Carbon Neutral Goal In the year 2050 […]

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Whatever Happened to Earthships?

In Taos, New Mexico a group of folks built a community of Earthships Housing.  Most were designed by architect Michael Reynolds and reported on in Low Tech Magazine in 2007. “An Earthship is a completely self-sufficient house that has a natural temperature regulation, without the use of a heating system. The building also generates its […]

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Cradle to Cradle Design Concepts by Architect William McDonough

You may already be aware of McDonough’s work and talents and I have read his book a number of years ago.  I thought it was important to share his ideas again and so sought out his 2007 TED lecture to share with you and to challenge myself. “If design is our Intention – what is […]

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Book Review: The Architect ~by Charles Bancroft

By Patricia Since my Architect was so interested in the London Festival of Architecture and we have been highlighting this summer’s events here on BA, I decided I should read the book for the Architects Enigma Contest. The book arrived too late for participation in the contest and we do not know London well enough […]

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Thu, July 8 2010 » Reading » No Comments

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Locally

Strengthen your local economy Reduce climate change impacts Support community groups Keep our community unique Create more good jobs Get better service Invest in your community Buy what you need. Don’t buy hype Put your taxes to good use Encourage local prosperity List I found at a local business, that I thought was concise and […]

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Tue, April 7 2009 » Reading » 4 Comments