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Olympia Federal Exterior

Olympia Federal Exterior

November 8th  2013 we put on our best bib and tuck and went out to an open house  celebrating Olympia Federal Savings west side branch remodel.  It is not the first building we have worked with this amazing local bank, which continues to go GREENER AND GREENER and light up our community.

The bank has solar panels  and heat pump and also lots and lots of solar tube lights which means that the lights rarely need to be turned on – they offer up so much natural light to the floor space, halls, and bathrooms. The new conference room is simply a delightful meeting space and the break room really provides for employee needs.

DUCT SOX were used through the building and they are something new for this writer.  They are soft black fabric ducts which when inflated look like round cylinders and when not in use look like stunning valance covers for the computer generated blind system.  Extremely quiet and attractive.

You can see them around the tops of the windows in this picture.

Olympia Federal Interior

Olympia Federal Interior

We have always celebrated OLYMPIA FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN and are proud of their integrity and huge community spirit.  The materials used in the remodel are from our local area.  The Contractors and workers are a part of our community.   The Musicians at the reception were outstanding violin students from our local schools.  Performances at the Washington Center for the Performing Arts are sponsored by our bank, as is our KIDS AT PLAY theater company and lots of local artists and businesses.

How honored we are to have such a fine community member and how honored we are that our architectural firm  was chosen to design our Greenest!

Building came in under budget and ahead of schedule.

Yes we raise our glasses high in a toast to this fine business enterprise.

Do you have a business which truly celebrates your community and is GREEN?

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