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We have just purchased our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) box for the coming season.  Our veggies will be coming from a local farm each week, along with 10 organic chickens and 1 turkey (we did not opt into the duck possibility).

We have grown our own garden and orchard over the years, but with the possibility of draught and with all the penny pinching going on we thought it better to support our local farmers and assist them in paying for their water resources and supporting their families.

I am sure we will still venture to the Farmer’s Market downtown each week; it is still one of our major social events.  And we so enjoy the local music being played and the joy of the small children.

We are planning on removing our raised beds and putting in a much lower maintaince yard area to significantly cut back on our water usage.   It is not really because of all the folks who pick the beans, peas, carrots, and flowers as they walk on past!   Our goal is to create a locally sustainable yard which will celebrate what grows here naturally.

Although we already line dry our clothing, we have cut back at least 4 loads of washing each month also.

The chart on the utilities bill is indicating we have made at least 10 cubic yards of water usage difference from last month, although the rates have gone up and so the actual out lay of funds has increased.

I would very much like to know how others are working on saving money, using less energy and conserving water usage.    Would you share?

Wendell  Berry is a Southern (USA) writer who has always celebrated the work of the farm and the farmer.   He celebrates the lifestyle and mourns the loss of the family farm to Industrial Farming.

I found this poem about water and spring and blossom and thought you might enjoy it also.

The abyss of no-meaning, what
can prevail against it? Love
for the water in its standing
fall through the hill’s wrist
from the town down to the river.
There is no love but this,
and it extends from Heaven
to the land destroyed,
to the hurt man in his cage
to the dead man in his grave.
Shall we do without hope? Some days
there will be none. But now
to the dry and dead woods floor
they come again, the first
flowers of the year, the assembly
of the faithful, the beautiful,
wholly given to being.
And in this long season
of machines and mechanical will
there have been small human acts
of compassion, acts of care, work
flowerlike in selfless loveliness.
Leaving hope to the dark
and to a better day,
receive these beauties freely
given, and give thanks.

~Wendell Berry, excerpt from “Sabbaths, 2007” in Leavings: Poems (2010)



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