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Composting Toilet

Composting Toilet

I have heard it said that 3 times something comes up in one’s life there should be some response or action taken.  Composting Toilets have been part of my life 3 times in the past week.  So I thought at the very minimum I would write about this threesome here.

My first encounter was at a friend’s lake front 100 year old cabin, with electricity but no running water. At my age, I was a bit concerned that I was about to encounter a pit latrine of some form or other.  But this was not to be the case, for in the area that might have been a bedroom at one time, was a lovely, modern composting toilet.   Quiet. Clean. Efficient.   I was relieved.

The next night I went to a program on the completed Living Building Challenge 2.0 projects in the USA.  Very exciting experience and I wrote about it at PatriciasWisdom I was thrilled to hear about the completed Science Building at the Bertschi School in Seattle, Washington and how elementary school children are learning this is the NORMAL way buildings can be and how healthy their environment can be.  I asked a question about the composting toilet there and the architect said, “Right after the ribbon cutting the children raced to use the composting toilet to see how it worked – they were fascinated!”

My original encounter with a Composting Toilet was at a local county park also on the water front and a bit more isolated, but still a huge success for keeping waste out of the ground water and Sound.  I thought it quite good foresight for our community.

Wikipedia  has a fabulous definition and I found a thorough diagram of how the systems functioned which answered most of my questions.

Now I am wondering about how one gets a whole community to begin thinking seriously about these issues and retrofitting what is already here but needs a whole treatment facility to deal with these issues- it is located in an amazing energy efficient LEED designated building –  So how do we get more people involved and making changes to their thinking and to their waste outcomes?

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Thu, July 28 2011 » Discoveries, Products

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