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All that came off the bike...

All that came off the bike...

Besides training with longer and longer bike rides each weekend, running the roads, and spinning at the gym, I need to study what gear I have for my 2011 biking adventure.

I started with Panniers.

I have a 12 year old Bianchi Eros bike and I am not sure I can get panniers that will fit on the front bracket or mount area….also my well used panniers just do not hold all that I need to carry.  I have been putting my tent, sleeping bag and mat into large ZIPLOCK gear bags to keep everything dry.

What I liked about the newly designed Panniers is how they wrap around and would keep my gear dry.

Here’s where I started, but I would certainly like some suggestions from folks who have used these before as to how they work?  Please share what you know with me and the others who read here

I started with REI and their list.

What do you know about these?

I have also purchased the Specialized Armadillo Tires and have not had a flat tire since – do you know of anything better?  I will carry a spare, but through the mountain passes it will be very problematic to find a biking shop for replacements.

Thought you might enjoy this video – Specialized Armadillo Tire Report

Food Needs:
Also Gluten Free prepackaged food that is light weight kits?  Know of any?   We will buy something fresh to eat nearly every day, but it helps to have a base kit (so far I have some dried chicken and rice that contain no Gluten).

Hope we can share some good information here – looking forward to your comments Thank you I greatly appreciate them…

Any other thoughts about long bike tours would be appreciated feel free to share in the comments section…

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