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Steam plant and train yard coal

Steam plant and train yard coal

You may already be aware of McDonough’s work and talents and I have read his book a number of years ago.  I thought it was important to share his ideas again and so sought out his 2007 TED lecture to share with you and to challenge myself.

“If design is our Intention – what is the first question?”

“With no end game we are growing destruction … We do not need an end game we need an infinity game.”

How far have we come in changing our thinking?  Challenging ourselves?

Just watching this video talk I understand why  Jonathan Franzen picked coal and birds as the compromise issue in his best seller  FREEDOM.

We are still on the end game of Global Warming.

Did you sign up for the 40 day carbon fast starting March 9th?

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Thu, February 24 2011 » Inspiration, Reading

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