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The Rockies

Our 5 week Mountain Passes trip from Canada to Mexico is just 3 weeks away ( August 15-September 25,2011).  My front panniers, which my children gave me for my birthday and Father’s day have arrived, along with another back pannier for my tent and sleeping gear and that made me happy.   It will be nice to have water proof equipment on my good old bike.

I did an 85 mile trip alone through rain and wind last weekend because everyone else was off doing other things and I have 3 weekends full of weddings and family visits between now and departure.

So besides packing and practicing with my bike loaded, besides getting the chain cleaned and adjusted, and besides purchasing 2 new armadillo spare tires, I thought I needed to excite my brain by shifting into gear with some Mountain pass videos and pictures.

I thought you might like to come along for the ride?

Hope you enjoy these:
Andy Scholl cycling mountain passes in WA

Cycling North Cascades Highway before cars allowed because of the snow – beautiful ride

Highway 20 North Cascades: NW Bikers

Unbeatable Bicycling: Prairie City Oregon

Could You Help Me Gear Up for my Bike Tour?

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