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Over at Patricias Wisdom I was recently asking the question, “What Woman would you stay up all Night to have the opportunity to meet?”  and the Biking Architect popped up with Maya Lin and Zaha-Hadid.

I just had to wander over and figure out who these fascinating woman might be, who would jump into a guy’s head so quickly.   I have very much enjoyed discovering the range and body of work accomplished by these two women architects.

I find myself wandering back today to the Maya Lin website.  Studying all the pictures and enjoying the chime as my cursor passes over each mark.  Just the home page is a work of simple beauty.  It is contemplative and restorative to me today.

Maya Lin Webpage

Maya Lin Webpage

I can tell that this designer is drawn into the environment with all her art, architecture and memorials.  The natural world and her designs are seamlessly intertwined.

I am listening to Debussy’s music as I pause on each work and stay there to recognize the feeling.

From her biographical material:

“Maya Lin has been drawn to the critical social and historical issues of our time and addressed them in her memorials, including the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial in Washington DC, the Civil Rights Memorial in Montgomery, AL, and the Women’s Table at Yale University. Currently she is working on the Confluence Project, a multi-sited installation spanning the Columbia River system in the Pacific Northwest that intertwines the history of Lewis and Clark with the history of the Native American tribes who inhabit those regions. With a critical eye toward the environmental changes that have rapidly occurred, Ms. Lin’s Confluence Project has brought significant ecological restoration to six state and national parks along the Columbia River Basin. It is an ongoing project with three of the six sites completed. For more information visit.

I was so drawn into this project and the words shared on the several linked sites that I now wish to go explore each of these sites – on the ground.

That she uses the rules of nature in the products and materials she chooses is also an interesting discovery.

Yes indeed an inspiring and impressive body of work, worth exploring and inspiring our future.

Who would you choose as a strong woman to inspire you to stay up all night to meet?  Who would be another inspiring architect, engineer or planner to explore their work and learn more about?

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Thu, January 21 2010 » Discoveries

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