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The Biking Architect has just returned from the AIA (American Institute of Architects) regional conference in Eugene, Oregon. He had lots of exciting new information to share and made some new product discoveries that were worth noting.

One of the keynote speakers was Alan Durning. Mr. Durning started the non-profit Sightline Institute Solutions for a Sustainable Northwest In Seattle after a long career with Earthwatch. His program and the institute have just taken off and contributed heartily to the sustainability movement and the LEED work in this area.

From Durning’s Biography:
Durning is author or co-author of more than ten Sightline books including This Place on Earth 2002: Measuring What Matters; This Place on Earth 2001: Guide to a Sustainable Northwest; This Place on Earth: Home and the Practice of Permanence (winner of the Governor’s Writers Award in 1996); The Car and the City; and Tax Shift;. Currently, he’s also writing two series on Sightline’s blog, “The Year of Living Car-lessly,” and “Bike Neglect,” both of which have influenced the local and national debate about urban transportation.

Images of Alan Durning: Sightline Institute

The information sharing on the various sites and blogs one could spend hours exploring and I invite you to do just that: Sightline Daily News

Another idea Durning developed was the Walk Score, this program came about after his teenager totaled the family car and they family decided to spend a year without a car in the City of Seattle. The Year and the creation of Walk Score came about because of that experience. The whole story can be found at this site and is updated on a regular basis

We were a family of three children and one car for a very long time. Our garage is full of bikes! Durning talked about how your walk score indicates how well the property will sustain its value, of bicycle neglect, cargo bikes, and ‘the next economic challenge will be to live within our means’. “We need to think in terms of Equal Rights for Future Generations.”

I so appreciated this concept: “True Materialism is the right to take care of things.”

Get home or business Walk Score on your site or see the Blog.

This business rated:

94 out of 100

Walk Score

Could you and your family live for a year without using your car? Do you use a bicycle now? Did you follow through and discover your Walk Score and all the wonderful projects from this institute? Looking forward to you good words:

Oh Yes ! Walk scores are available in Australia and Austin, Texas – I was amazed at all the locations where the scores have already been developed… I just entered walk score and the name of the city in the search button – Voila’

The Harvest Potluck e-cookbook is still available free and one can make a contribution to UNICEF from this site.

Still a couple of more days to make a comment on THE GIFTS OF IMPERFECTION post for an opportunity to win a copy of this amazing book . Drawing for USA and Canada October 30th 2010 .

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Thu, October 28 2010 » Discoveries

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