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Waterfall Over Rocks

Waterfall Over Rocks

I have watched several documentaries that have made me think and act in new ways. I am exercising my thinking, and squeezing in a bike ride when the sun comes out.

I think they are important consideration in my architectural work and in attempting to act locally while thinking GREEN GLOBALLY.

The first film is FOOD, Inc. My partner owns a copy of the DVD and is hoping to share it with 100 people. Although we already eat locally and organically, this film ends in very positive path finding for voting with your food dollar, saving money and being responsible to one’s community.

My daughter is watching Food, Inc on the streaming video feature of Netflix on her computer, although parts are hard to watch the ending is so helpful- positive. I also see that it has been nominated for an Academy Award.

Documentary Wire is a spot to watch free documentaries on one’s computer. I have added the FUTURE OF FOOD to my must see list. I think these add to my concepts of design, saving money and keeping it green.

FLOW: FOR THE LOVE OF WATER which I watched for free was a reminder of what is happening all over the world about water and a look at who owns water. I did not know that the Nestle company is attempting to own all the water in Michigan, did you?

3 companies are attempting to own all the water rights in the world and they are making lots and lots of money. Some more GREED.

HOWARD ZINN I saw interviewed on Bill Moyer’s Journal this week. He reminded me that the people have all the power – not government! But I need to understand history – the people’s history and not text book history in order to find and foundation that power into action. Netflix has a 5 star documentary about Mr. Zinn and his book THE PEOPLES HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES.

Next on my list: Ken Burn’s National Parks

What would you recommend?

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Thu, February 4 2010 » Discoveries

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